In 2016 we were awarded a business excellence award from the St. John's Board of trade for our Healthy Meal Program. We achieved this honour by teaming up with leading health and fitness experts Darrin and Nikki Grey from Evolve Health and Fitness. By working in tandem with Evolve we were able to learn from them what foods provide the greatest nutritional benefit to the body. We have taken this information and transformed it into delicious healthy meals that not only empower the body but also the mind. If you are looking to improve your personal nutrition by adding delicious meal choices to your everyday life you should give our program a try. Currently we have two food pick up days a week (Monday & Thursday), the meals are all made fresh with the highest quality ingredients available. The portions are all weighed and measured to ensure your are getting the correct macro counts for a balanced diet using healthy cooking fats, minimal amounts of sodium and zero added sugars . Specialized meal plans are available upon request and we have a convenience cooler for easy grab and go access. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this service.